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A place to share awesome Siri Shortcuts for the macOS, iOS and iPadOS platform. 🦄


Welcome to, your go-to hub for indexing all the incredible creations you’ve made with the new Apple Shortcuts app.

Share your Shortcuts

While Apple has its own Shortcuts Gallery, it is a human-curated space maintained by Apple for a select few Shortcuts. In contrast, aims to be a community-driven, open index where everyone can share their creative works 😎.

Unique Features

Screenshots and Video 📸🎥

We understand the importance of visual previews. That’s why we allow you to upload up to 6 screenshots and 3 videos for each Shortcut. This feature makes it easier for our users to understand exactly what your Shortcut does.

External URL Scanner 🔍

Security is a top concern, especially when Shortcuts can communicate with external servers. Our platform scans for any HTTP/HTTPS URL calls and displays this information on the “Download Shortcut” page. This feature helps new users understand what the Shortcut communicates with out in the big world.

Comment Parser 🤖

Our Parser Bot is smart enough to detect and extract every comment within the Shortcut code. These comments are then presented on the Shortcut’s page on, providing a deeper understanding and context of the Shortcut you’ve created.

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